Singapore- Hawker Centres & Theme parks!

I have fallen in love with this city.. We will definitely be returning at some point as there are still things we want to see.

We hadn’t planned to come to Singapore this early in the trip, however I’m so glad we did- it’s expensive! The reason we ended up coming to Singapore was because we decided whilst in El Nido that we definitely didn’t want to go back to Manila. So the only route out of the Philippines was to go to Cebu and then onto Singapore.

We arrived at Singapore on Monday evening. The airport is HUGE! We finally made our way through the terminals to the MRT station (over/underground.) We bought 2 adult travel cards and topped up with $10 each. Then we got the train to our hotel which was in Lavender district. We checked into our Loft room which was nice, a mezzanine with the bed above and the bathroom below. Then we were hungry so went in search of some dinner! It was around 11:00pm by this point so we didn’t want to go too far. We found a hawker centre (food court) and the chap guided us about what to order. We had 2 chicken pieces in a curry sauce, plain rice and another curry type sauce. It was delicious! During the time we were sat eating they kept bringing out lots of different sauces and soups for us to try. We thought they were just trying to get the bill up, but when we asked for the bill it surprised us. It worked out to be approx £8.00 for the both of us! I said earlier it was expensive in Singapore- it is for decent accommodation and to do the Tourist sights, but food was cheap at the hawker centres. 


On our first day we set an alarm for 8:30. We needed to find a laundry before we could go out and do anything… I was on my last pair of knickers and we’d worn most things a couple of times already (EWW.) We walked to a local laundry then to a bakers to get some breakfast. We both got a “Chocolate boom” which was a sweet bun filled with liquid chocolate- it was amazing and again, cheap!


We then took the metro to Little India and had a walk around the Tekker Hawker centre/ market. This was so interesting but at one point we took a wrong turn and walked down through the meat/fish stalls. BAD MOVE. We were both heaving with the smell. It was VILE. I was walking so fast looking for any exit whilst trying to hold my breath. But other than that- it was amazing to see the variety of goods for sale and also the range of different ethnicities and age groups there.

After Little India we headed to the Singapore Zoo. This is the best zoo I’ve ever been to. For 2 reasons. 1. Every time I’ve been to a zoo in England I can never see the animals as they are all the way at the back of the enclosure. 2. We were so close to the animals! We COULD have touched some of them if we wanted to. Obviously we didn’t as they are still untrained animals…

We saw alligators, white tigers, elephants, hippo’s and lots of different types of monkeys. We had also paid for the night safari as so many people said that it was the best thing there. Personally, if you are going to do either the Zoo or the safari I would recommend the Zoo. Had we had known we would have only done the zoo. The safari was OK.  We saw way less animals than we did in the Zoo other than some different types of cattle. The tram is also overrated as you can’t actually see anything from the safari tram and you have to get off and go to viewing points to get a better look at most animals.

Nevertheless, the day spent at the zoo/ night safari was great. We took the bus back to central Singapore then the MRT back to our hotel. We were due for another early morning as we were going to Universal studios.

The next morning didn’t go quite as planned. Scott planned to go out and get the laundry first thing, but he got there 45 mins early and then had to wait for them to open. Then it started bucketing down and thundering/ lightning. He finally arrived back to the hotel (drenched as though he had jumped in a pool) at around 11:00. A quick shower and change into clean clothes and we were ready to head out to Universal. The rain was really a blessing in disguise. It made it cooler so walking between rides etc wasn’t that bad. We also found that the queues were really short. I think the longest we queued for a ride was 40 minutes. Which by theme park standards was nothing! Scott loved Universal… So much so that we have already planned that our first holiday (after coming back from travelling and working a little while) will be to Florida to do all the parks!


After the day spent at the theme park we treated ourselves to a posh dinner (I say posh, its not really posh, just expensive in backpacking terms!) at the Hard Rock Cafe. Nearly every time Scott and I go away we visit the Hard Rock cafe wherever we are, and now its become sort of tradition. We did forego the one in Hong-Kong so we aren’t sticking to tradition completely. Well that’s what I’m telling myself to make it better that we spent around £60.00 on one meal!!

We then ventured to Marina Bay sands and the Gardens by the Bay. I didn’t realise that the sky walk platforms were only open until 9:00pm. So by the time we got there at 10:00pm we had well and truly missed it. But… We did get the general gist and managed to get a photo of us under neath one of the Supertrees. It is a shame we didn’t get to go up and see the view but it does give us another reason to go back!

Our tired feet were throbbing so we decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel. That was everything we managed to squeeze in during the time we were in Singapore. We had to be at the airport by 12:00pm the following day so opted for an extra hour in bed!

I don’t know what it is about this city that I like so much, but it was just so welcoming and easy to navigate. Subconsciously it probably has something to do with the fact it is pretty westernised yet equally you could have a real asian experience if you wanted to.

Singapore we will return!!

Next stop…. Bangkok!


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