Bangkok- elephant trousers, tuk tuks and leaky buses

We arrived in Bangkok after a very turbulent flight. (The worst I’ve ever had and I have been on a fair few flights especially by now!) I don’t mind flying, Scott doesn’t enjoy it but he knows we have to do it to get anywhere so he opts in for that reason. We took off and I don’t think the seat belt sign was turned off for longer than five minutes during the entire flight. Scott was holding on to both arm rests for dear life. It was only around 2.5 hours but it was long enough during that turbulence!

Needless to say we were happy to get on the ground and see what Bangkok was all about. We checked into our hotel which was a little more plush than we have been staying in so far (it had a JACUZZI bath!) Our hotel was in the centre of Bangkok around 10mins from the famous Khao San Road. The first night we had a wander, got some noodles for tea and then we ventured to Khao San Road. I’m personally not that sure why there’s such a big fuss about this place. It just reminded me of the strip in Zante or any other boozy tourist destination. Probably great for 18 year olds wanting to get smashed on cheap booze but not my cup of tea! We opted for some Pineapple from a fruit stall and a quiet drink down the road! (OLD I know!) Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to relax in our jacuzzi bath! It’s really strange, we had a bath in our flat at home, but I can only recall ever having one or two baths during the 3 years I lived there. However, I was so excited to have a bath here! I think its the age old saying “you always want what you can’t have!”

Khao San Road

The next day we got up and started walking into town, we hadn’t really got any idea what we were going to do in Bangkok but we always like to have a wander in our first day just to see what’s around. Whilst we were waiting to cross the road we stopped and looked at our map to see if we could work out where we were… A lovely Thai lady started talking to us to ask if we needed help, she asked us where we were going and we said we didn’t really know. After chatting for 5 minutes she told us to go to various different temples and where they were. She then pulled a tuk tuk driver over, spoke to him in Thai for a couple of minutes and said he would do a tour of the local temples and wait for you outside. She must have seen the look on my face because she then said “don’t worry only 40 baht.” Which works out to 90p. 90p?!?! We got on the tuk tuk and both agreed that we would see what happens and if it was rubbish we would get off and grab a taxi back.

We arrived at various temples, I have no idea the names as the Tuk Tuk driver’s English wasn’t great But we had a mooch around and then got back onto the Tuk Tuk. Our “tour” took around 3 hours and also included a stop at a suit shop where they were sizing Scott up for a tailor made suit, and also to a tourist information centre.. We have come to the conclusion that they must have been the Tuk Tuk driver’s brother or something and that’s why he took us there! Nevertheless it was a lovely afternoon spent being driven around.

That evening I decided I wanted to see some markets! We got the ferry to Asiatique which is like a market come shopping centre with restaurants, food market and fun fair! I bought some bargain typical backpacker elephant trousers for £1.50. BARGAIN!

Our 2nd day was the Saturday and I had heard there was a huge weekend market in Chatuchak so we found our nearest bus stop and waited for the bus. And we waited. And waited. And waited. Apparently they don’t have a bus time table in Bangkok. The buses just turn up as they want! We got on the bus and paid around 85p for both of us for a journey of half an hour. We arrived at the weekend market just as the heavens opened- perfect! A lovely soggy walk around the market. An hour later and soaked through we were bored of the same, elephant trousers, knock off handbags and trainers so we headed for the exit.

We walked in the pouring rain back to the bus stop. At one point the path was flooded. I had trainers on and Scott had flip flops. He decided his feet were going to get anyway so he would give me a piggy back through the 12 inches of water! So, I jumped on his back and felt my trousers SPLIT down my bum. GREAT! My new bargain elephant trousers had 0 stretch factor in them and as I jumped on Scott’s back they didn’t move with me! Luckily it was just before the bus stop so I quickly tied my rain jacket around my waist to hide my bare backside! Bloody nightmare! Funny though… After a soggy journey home (due to the leaking bus roof) we chilled out at the hotel!

Scott “chilling” at the hotel


During our time in Bangkok Scott and I both decided this wasn’t the city for us… We just didn’t click like we did in Singapore. I doubt we will go back unless its in transit to another place but we are both glad we have been there and seen it ourselves!

Next stop…. Phuket!


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