10 things I’ve learnt since I started travelling- 1 month in…

  1. Re-packing my bag all the time is getting easier! When I was at home I couldn’t imagine the packing taking any less than a couple of hours, but now I can get it all tidied up in around 30 minutes.

  2. We are the definition of lazy Brits! I haven’t once learnt any new words from another language- everyone just speaks to us in English, we don’t need to.

  3. Eating noodles and rice does get boring! I absolutely love curry and noodles and things like that at home, but I cannot get rid of this really annoying craving for Paxo sage and onion stuffing, Bisto gravy and a pile of Mum’s homemade roast potatoes. 

  4. Just because everything is cheap you still have to budget! We seemed to have whizzed through way more money than I expected. Probably due to the fact we have been in “holiday mode” for the majority of the time so far

  5. Scott CAN live without watching Spurs every game! I honestly didn’t know this was possible!

  6. Flying all the time is really annoying! As much as I like flying, its quite annoying spending a huge chunk of time in the airports and on planes.

  7. I can actually get by without wearing make up! I haven’t worn any make up during the whole time we have been away. The only thing I am doing is tinting my brows and lashes about once every 10 days. But other than that, not an ounce of make up..

  8. I can also deal with having REALLY small wardrobe! If anyone had seen my wardrobe/shoe collection at home you wouldn’t have believed me if I told you I’ve only got a 55L back pack. I’ve realised that I don’t necessarily need all that STUFF.

  9. I can drink water! At home I would never drink water but I have got used to it since we have been away- probably because its the cheapest!

  10. I am more confident than I believed I was! I have enjoyed navigating around the different/new places and settling in hasn’t been a problem so far.

I’m sure I will learn lots more along the way…



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