Koh Samui, water falling & beach life

We arrived in Koh Samui after using the car ferry. The ferry took 1.5 hours and had a lovely sundeck which we used to sunbathe & read for the whole journey- it was a great way to travel!


We drove straight to visit the “BIG BUDDAH” as we couldn’t check into our hotel until later in the afternoon. We walked around the various statues & went inside the temple. They are so incredibly pretty with bright coloured paints, shimmering mosaic tiles and golden edging. Why don’t we have anything so beautiful in the UK?!


We then went onto our hotel, dumped our bags and had a walk along the beach front. We walked for what felt like miles and found a lovely bar perched on the top of some rocks just before Hin Ta & Hin Yai rocks. They had the best view of the beach and also had a puppy who played with us too! (Needless to say we visited this place more than once during our time there!)

The following day we visited Hin Lat waterfall. We walked up a pretty strenuous trek for around an hour until we saw a huge opening with a natural pool. We were so hot so we got straight in for a dip. The water was FREEZING! After spending an hour or so there we started to make the trek down. We were accompanied by a dog who guided us the whole way! He even came to check I was OK when I fell down a ditch (don’t worry I only grazed my elbow!)



We also visited THE BEST SPOT for lunchtime views on the island. It’s at a hotel called The Jungle Club. We drove- I would recommend taking a 4×4 as it is pretty tough to get up the near on vertical hills in an automatic Yaris! But we made it! You couldn’t see anything from the outside so I wasn’t sure we were at the right place. We walked in via a side entrance and I asked the security guard if we could go in for some lunch. We walked through the grounds and then were met by the most fantastic view. I would definitely recommend going for a spot of lunch- it’s not pricey at all and you get the best view!

I would love to say we spent the rest of our week in Koh Samui doing exciting things, but really we just chilled out, sunbathed & snorkelled. I just loved the chilled vibe of the island, I think it’s probably the only place we would go back to in Thailand.


That was the end of our Thai visa so our next stop is Kuala Lumpur!

P.S ANOTHER MASSIVE tip- you can buy twisters in Thailand for 20p!! (#winning)



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