El Nido, island hopping and zip-lining

2 days in El Nido! … More El Nido, island hopping and zip-lining


Packing- the reality

Packing 6 months worth of stuff into one back pack sound like a lot right? Hence why I have packed and unpacked my bag approximately 43820574836248 times so far! But now I think I’ve finally got it! Since deciding to go travelling I have read so many backpacking blogs about packing, helpful tips, what to … More Packing- the reality

School’s out!

We are now “without gainful employment”- I’m not sure it has actually sunk in yet. My last week at work felt surreal, as though I’m just going away for a long weekend. I did a usual handover with my colleagues and then it was all over! O-V-E-R. Done & dusted.  Scary stuff right? We had … More School’s out!

Moving day!

We have now officially gone back in time! Yesterday we moved out of our flat and into my parents house. This is becoming even more real!  Moving weekend has been looming since we made the decision to go travelling.  The actual move was over very quickly, 2x trips in our car and that was everything … More Moving day!